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About Us

Amanda is a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks and has been working with the QuickBooks programs for many years. She graduated from Georgia State University over 20 years ago, with an accounting degree and has worked in public accounting and private accounting ever since.
Her support team includes her husband of 25 years, Roger, as well as a passel of children and a clowder of cats.

The cats featured in the banner are from left to right, Crystle, Blotchie and Misty.

Leader (aka Uncle Puppy) is Grandpa's minature schnauzer and visits frequently.

The Animal Rescue Site  click every day

the cabin

building the porch roof


Born June 11, 2008. This little golden retriever is not officially our puppy, but we expect to see a lot of her at the cabin on the lake.


Born October 31, 1998. We gave
Snowball to our daughter as a
Christmas present. Snowball
has not left her side since. Snowball does not like any other cats and barely tolerates dogs.

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